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Aldo Ancona and Katrin Seifert… and daughters!

The team serving you
Sian Ka’an

Aldo Ancona

Aldo knows Sian Ka’an better than most. That’s because he spent the first years of his life here at his grandfather’s farm, where he cultivated coconuts and went fishing for lobsters.
In the intervening 35 years, Aldo has seen the area undergo tremendous change. This has only strengthened his desire to conserve this beautiful part of the world for future generations – a project he is more passionate about today than ever before.
Aldo spent a large part of his adult life on the island of Cozumel, but never stopped thinking of Tulum as home (after all, his grandfather was the very first person to live in the village that is today known as Punta Allen). He was just waiting for the right opportunity to return, which came in 2005 when his father asked him to co-run a fly fishing and boat tours enterprise.
In 2008, Aldo decided to go it alone – and that’s when Visit Sian Ka’an was born. Today, thanks to Aldo’s unique knowledge and experience of the area, Visit Sian Ka’an is one of the most respected names in Mexico’s blossoming ecotourism industry.

Katrin Seifert
Katrin born in Germany in 1979, Katrin has been passionate about wildlife and conservation for as long as she can remember. She’s also passionate about leisure and tourism, having completed prestigious courses in both her homeland and England.
Katrin made the move to Mexico in 2005 and instantly fell in love with the Sian Ka’an area. Now in charge of Marketing and Operations for Visit Sian Ka’an, Katrin shares Aldo’s enthusiasm for low impact tourism and is committed to keeping the Reserve as pristine and natural as it is today.
When she’s not busy promoting the work of Visit Sian Ka’an, Katrin enjoys taking her young daughters Ambar and Amaia to the local beaches, which she describes as “the most beautiful in the Caribbean”.


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