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Boca Paila, SIan Ka'an BR
Boca Paila, SIan Ka’an BR

Welcome to Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, 652.000 Hectars of the most beautyful, productive and fragil ecosistems of the Yucatan Peninsula. Sian Ka’an is about the twise the size of Rhode Island, is about the dimentions of the Estate of Tlaxcala, México. we kindly share with you a peace of it!

We do believe that responsable Ecoturism is the key to keep Sian Ka’an preserved as still is, we do are aware that Tulum and Sian Ka’an are becoming a potential destination for alternative tourism, and thanks to the nature and wildlife lovers are still coming to participate and hire local tours operators are realy helping the local economy. Thanks to you that are considering to visit Sian Ka’an trough a local companies we are able to exist, thanks to you Sian Ka’an will still keep their 95% untouched! Yes, only 5% of Sian Ka’an is accesable and destinated to ecoturistic activities.

We kindly share with you a peace of Sian Ka’an, a peace of our house and we are so happy to share it with you on your holidays to Mexico.

A Taste of Nature.

Welcome to Sian Ka’an! VSK Team.



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