Kuxtal Sian Ka’an, New shop opening.


P1020922VISIT SIAN KA’AN is happy to announce that soon Kuxtal Sian Ka’an will be opening their new shop at the Visitor Center in Sian Ka’an. Kuxtal is selling handmade art and craft products from regional mayan communities that live close to the Biosphere Reserve Sian Ka’an. The products are 100% handmade and sustainably from the natural regional resources such as seeds, wood, cotton. With your buy you benefit directly the producing local communities and help to assure their income as well as to conserve their cultural identity and help to preserve the natural ecosystems.

Learn more about Kuxtal and their products at: www.kuxtalsiankaan.com

for more info contact Elsa Torres at: torreselsa@gmail.com

Their new catalog will be published soon! thank you

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